Introducing Nature Conservation To Your Date

While nature conservation and protection is an incredibly important issue, it can also be a rather delicate subject to talk about, especially with someone you just met like during a date. It can make for an awkward small talk and would likely hurt your chances of actually making a connection with the person you are with.

On that note, this doesn’t mean that you can’t introduce nature conservation to your date. You just need to know how to go about it in a way that is favorable to you.

Not On The First Datedating intro

If you really have a mind to teach your date about your environmental conservation crusade, you should never do it in the first date. When asked about hobbies or things you are interested in, just drop some hints instead of going on a tirade against big oil and stuff like that. Instead, you should try to shift the conversation to focus more on their interests and passions. Your attentions will be reciprocated if your date is actually the kind of person worth your time and effort.

Take It Slow

datingOnce you are past the first date, you can start your slow trudge towards converting your date into someone who might just be a bit concerned about the environment into someone who will at least try to participate in your activities. To do so, you have to take it slow. Talk about what drew you to becoming a conservationist. After that, show your date all of the good you’ve done via pictures or videos. It also helps to show how much fun it can be.

You both might enjoy nomadic experiences, gradually creating good memories together in many natural tourist spots around the world. Pre-book your flight using postcode check for lesser cost or just grab an agoda discount voucher code.  This way, you can enjoy and experience nature together.


Don’t Push The Issuelet go

If your date is starting to lose interest in talking about the environment, you shouldn’t force the issue. Change the subject and try going for more light-hearted topics that you both would enjoy. It helps to keep things balanced out so that no one resents anyone.

If you’re both readers, you can talk about that non-fictional book that you both love. Maybe you can both shop for a new book using Lazada voucher. From this, you can talk more about what you’ve read and how interesting it is for you.

Learn To Let Go

Finally, if your date really isn’t interested in having the same commitment to protecting nature as you do, you have to let it go. There’s just no point in trying to change someone’s mind who already has it made up.


  1. It is best to tell everything to your partner on your first date. This things can make or break a relationship, so it is best to let them know it.

    • I agree! Most things that make the relationship work is really knowing what makes your date know what you want and what you care about. This is to make them stay away from things that make you upset. :

  2. I think it is best to let your date know everything you love. This is a very crucial part of the relationship. As they say, honesty is the best policy. 😉

  3. For me, it is best to keep things a little more mysterious…. especially on the first date. This can make your date want to know you more 😉

    • That could be a little bit risky. I think it’s best to let your date know what you feel about some issues, especially you being an environmentalist and take small steps from there 🙂

  4. Nature can be a big commonplace for couples to bond. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  5. Such a wonderful piece of advise. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Awesome advises! I realize where I did get wrong with my ex-boyfriend. he told me I pushed his limits all the time. I was not even aware of that. 🙁

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